About ComMotion!

“If everyone were dancers, we could create world peace.”
I’ve heard this phrase many times in my work as a performer, dance teacher, teaching artist, choreographer, managing director, and general member of the dance community. While world peace may seem grandiose, I do believe this statement holds some truth and deserves exploration. The unity necessary to bring an artistic work to fruition does create a tiny harmonious universe wherein all collaborators bring their full being to the creation of something that doesn’t yet exist. With this level of mindfulness, sincerity, courage, persistence, and generosity being brought to the work, I witness artists demonstrating world peace daily in various environments. With this happening all around me every day, I am constantly asking myself, What is community on all levels? Which ones am I a part of? How am I showing up for it? What can community do when nourished by all therein?

This site is a collective of ideas shared by individuals involved in all aspects of the New York City dance community and beyond. As a member yourself, please share your ideas, events, experiences, ask a question, or just say merde! Thank you for being a member of our multifaceted, resilient, beautiful Community of Motion.

Heather Robles
Founder of ComMotion!


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